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Verso NewPage Corporation

NewPage paper mill reinforces a culture of maintenance excellence and uncovers cost savings and increases equipment reliability with LUBE-IT.

The Challenge

As the leading producer of printing and specialty papers in North America, with a total annual mill production capacity of about 3.5 million tons, NewPage has more than 100,000 annual lubrication tasks to manage.

The Solution

NewPage decided to upgrade to comprehensive lubrication tracking and management software in an effort to save costs, improve efficiencies and extend the life of their equipment. They needed a solution that went beyond spreadsheet-based tracking systems that rely heavily on human memory and the limited PM capabilities of stand alone CMMS or ERP systems. Instead, they wanted a comprehensive lubrication tracking, documentation and management system that eliminated guesswork and streamlined lubrication tasks. After investigating several options on the market, NewPage selected LUBE-IT.

The Results

The software system showed such impressive savings in the first plant, NewPage subsequently implemented it in all seven plants.

“Being able to put down all of this detailed, documented information in one place that was easily accessible, is a tremendous benefit to our company,” adds Needham. “Lube-It is so foundational to our entire lubrication effort that I don’t believe you could put a price tag on it.”

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