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Orientation sessions for employees new to LUBE-IT

Your firm and others like it have told us of the phenomenal results you’re getting from LUBE-IT. You’re eliminating equipment failure, increasing up-time, boosting productivity and achieving deep savings across your facilities.

However, one other thing you’ve mentioned on a recurring basis is that you need a way to get new hires up and running quickly on LUBE-IT.

We heard you. That’s why we’ve created a special online orientation especially for employees who are new to LUBE-IT.

Bring new employees up to speed on LUBE-IT fast.

When our customers lose experienced maintenance professionals through retirement or attrition, their knowledge can go right out the door with them, including what they know about LUBE-IT.

If you don’t replace that knowhow, the many gains your company is making with LUBE-IT can suffer.

Now you can keep your success on the fast track and never miss a beat. Sign up your employees for the LUBE-IT orientation session; this is part of your annual license.

Benefits to your companyBenefits for your company:

  • Maximize your investment in LUBE-IT
  • Sustain your momentum and expand your success
  • Improve reliability engineer and lube tech productivity
  • Make lubrication best practices automatic plant-wide
  • Increase your profitability

Benefits for your employees:

New hires may be unaware of the value that a comprehensive lubrication reliability program holds for your company and how LUBE-IT helps make it happen. They may also be unfamiliar with the concept of task-specific lubrication best practices and how LUBE-IT makes it easy to conduct lubrication activities with great expertise.

Benefits to Employees

By attending the orientation, your employees will discover how LUBE-IT:

  • Simplifies, coordinates and automates the many tasks associated with effectively lubricating hundreds to thousands of individual lube points
  • Helps them cover routes with greater precision — and in less time with less effort
  • Puts everything they need at their fingertips — no flipping through reams of spreadsheets and PMs
  • Takes the guesswork out of lube tasks — they’ll always know the where, what, how, when, and how much of every task
  • Offers proof to management that they’re performing their jobs successfully

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