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The current version of LUBE-IT is:

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LUBE-IT Tutorial

Need to print additional copies of the LUBE-IT Tutorial? Here is the same tutorial document as found in the LUBE-IT 5 binder, provided as a convenient download in PDF format.

LUBE-IT 5 Tutorial

5.3 Hotfix 1 (

This Hotfix installs a critical update which corrects an issue specific to LUBE-IT It is not applicable to, and will not install on, any other version of LUBE-IT. Details about the issue corrected by this Hotfix can be found in the corresponding Release Notes document (see link below).

GSI strongly recommends you install this Hotfix as soon as is practical.

IMPORTANT: Is your LUBE-IT version is lower than If so, Generation Systems strongly recommends installing Feature Upgrade 5.3 and this Hotfix to gain the latest features and ensure the highest performance.

DOWNLOAD 5.3 Hotfix 1


5.3 Hotfix 1 Release Notes (PDF)

5.3 Hotfix 1 Install Guide (PDF)

Feature Upgrade 5.3 (

Driven by customer input, Feature Upgrade5.3 provides new functionality and important enhancements to LUBE-IT.

This Feature Upgrade can be installed on the following versions of LUBE-IT:,, or It includes all updates from 5.1 and 5.2, so there is no need to install these earlier Feature Upgrades separately.

IMPORTANT: If your LUBE-IT is version you must first install Maintenance Release 1 (see below).

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Current Annual License Required

What’s New in Feature Update 5.3? Click Here!

Feature Upgrade 5.2 (

Superseded by Feature Upgrade 5.3

Feature Upgrade 5.1 (

Superseded by Feature Upgrade 5.2

Maintenance Release 1 (

This update provides important improvements and corrections for LUBE-IT It is not applicable to, and will not install on, any other version of LUBE-IT.

IMPORTANT: If your LUBE-IT is at version this update must be installed prior to installing any Feature Upgrades. Once this update has been installed it is strongly recommended you upgrade to the current version of LUBE-IT by installing the most recent Feature Upgrade.

The following documents are included in the above zip file, but are also available here for convenience.

LUBE-IT 5 MR1 Change Overview (PDF)

LUBE-IT 5 Mobile Setup Instructions (PDF)

LUBE-IT 5 Maintenance Release 1 Installation (PDF)