What's New in LUBE-IT 5

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New Simplicity and Increased Capability

Version 5 adds new simplicity and increased capability to LUBE-IT. With this important release you’ll enjoy the benefits of great new features, valuable improvements and a host of minor refinements.

Top Reasons to Upgrade

  1. Simplified – to be Easier to Learn & Use
  2. Enhanced – so You can do Even More
  3. New Reports – Over 20 New Reports are Included
  4. It’s Painless – the Data Conversion Process is Fully Automated

With all version 5 has in store for you, why wait?

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lube-it 5 upgrade

Outstanding New Features

An array of new features makes this the most capable LUBE-IT version yet. This includes greater compatibility, improved performance, new capabilities and overall ease-of-use. New features, all working together to power your Lubrication Reliability program.

Microsoft SQL Server Based

  • Industry standard database
  • Highly familiar to corporate IT departments
  • Reduces network bandwidth demand
  • Faster database performance

High Speed Scheduling / Work Release

  • Completely redesigned and reprogrammed for performance
  • Up to 10 times faster than version 4
  • Even the largest sites finish in minutes

User Interface Advancements

  • More efficient to use, more elegant
  • View more information at once
  • Less scrolling & navigating
  • Increased application desktop size

Quick Spec Viewer

  • Now anyone can easily view and print lubricant specifications
  • A separate program from LUBE-IT
  • Installs and runs without LUBE-IT
  • Fast and simple to use, plus no login required
  • Unlimited number of computers & users

Operator Driven Reliability

  • Assign lubrication responsibilities to operators
  • Offload Reliability and Lube-Tech staff
  • Lube tasks due are presented by machine on printouts
  • Works with Mobile Routes


  • Attach external documents
  • Attach to Equipment, Components and Procedures
  • Supports most common file types
  • For example, Pictures, Word docs & PDF files

RFID Compatible

  • Provides support for this emerging technology
  • Use RFID tags for equipment ID
  • Works with Mobile Routes
  • Faster & easier than using barcode tags
  • Excellent for control and compliance

Failure Tracking

  • Track and analyze failures
  • Record failure by component (lube-Point)
  • Evaluate failures from multiple perspectives
  • Multiple failure related reports

Look Ahead Report

  • Provides over-the-horizon view of future activities
  • Clear see tasks with current due dates into the future
  • Specify any future date desired

More Reports

  • Over 20 new reports
  • Find duplicate and missing data
  • Report of Force Due Dates
  • Details Trouble Log Reporting
  • And many more

Significant Improvements

Version 5 doesn’t stop at adding great new features. It also adds valuable improvements to many current LUBE-IT features; including those you use the most often. With over 500 systems sold, there is an extensive body of users providing continued feedback for improvements to LUBE-IT. Add to this our expertise as the world’s leading developer of Lubrication Reliability software and the new improvements to LUBE-IT come as no surprise.

Mobile Routes:

  • Now uses Microsoft’s SQL Server Mobile
  • Enter detailed text for Trouble Log entries
  • Visual indication when Trouble Log has been entered
  • Support for operator driven routes (ODR)
  • Support for RFID tag readers
  • View options can be set in LUBE-IT preferences

Mobile Sync Manager

  • Check-out multiple routes to a mobile device
  • Check different Routes out & in at the same time
  • Update LUBE-IT, yet keep routes(s) on the mobile device
  • Sync multiple Routes in just seconds

Consumption Tracking

  • Simple to configure & simple to use
  • More comprehensive analysis
  • Improved reporting & charting

Skip Reasons

  • Now you can enter Skip Reasons without a mobile device
  • Know when and why tasks are being skipped
  • Quickly identify leading causes of skipped tasks
  • All new reporting & analysis

Meter Based Task Scheduling

  • New redesigned and rewritten logic
  • Smarter scheduling of metered tasks
  • New “Last Done Reading” field


  • Print setup option before print / preview of reports
  • All reports converted to work with SQL Server
  • Many reports are enhanced
  • Attached pictures included (for route worksheets, etc.)

Automatic Work Release

  • Improved verifications and notifications
  • Allow entry Last Done Reading for new meter tasks
  • Warns of Products needing consumption settings
  • Warns of Equipment missing Meters

Other Notable changes

  • CMMS work order / charge code for Routes
  • Enhanced Search & Replace
  • Improved equipment copy
  • Several improvements to Shutdown Builder
  • Additional right-click options to speed navigation
  • New keyboard shortcuts