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Don’t leave lubrication to chance

A systemic problem

When lubrication is done inconsistently or done incorrectly, it negatively impacts machine condition and reliability plant wide. Major studies and independent sources prove this.

The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers report more than 50% of all bearings failures are due to lubrication practices that don’t measure up. In addition, Kenneth Bannister states 60% of all mechanical failures stem from inadequate or improper lubrication.

The bill for wear and tear and the resulting loss of production is $240 billion annually – and that’s just in the U.S.

A well-oiled machine is a profitable machine

Think about the following: “If a plants total sales are $60 million and total down time is 10% and 25% of downtime is due to improper lubrication, the lost opportunity…$1.5 million,” Ricky Smith.4

Lubrication is more than oil or grease – it’s an opportunity

It’s obvious that lubrication can add to the bottom line – or subtract from it. Good lubrication practices protect and preserve assets and keeps them generating products and profits.

When it comes to lubrication, many companies rely on the memory of longtime employees. But human memory is all too fallible. Other companies have turned to the familiar spreadsheets or computerized maintenance systems. These systems are effective overall, but they don’t provide detailed tracking and streamlining of lubrication tasks and costs.

The details are where the truth about lubrication lies – the history, trends, and costs that are essential to improving reliability and uptime, identifying potential equipment issues, and boosting employee productivity

It’s time to think outside the box

A software system dedicated to tracking, managing, and documenting lubrication will cut costs, improve efficiencies, eliminate guesswork, extend the life of plant equipment – and stop the flow of excuses.

Generation Systems developed LUBE-IT with the belief that lubrication is the foundation of all maintenance activity – not an afterthought. LUBE-IT breaks the cycle of corrective/reactive maintenance, frees up time and resources, helps ensure the success of other maintenance initiatives (such as vibration and infrared), minimizes capital equipment replacement, and helps companies do more with less.

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If lubrication is the foundation of all maintenance activity, that foundation had better be strong. Deficient lubrication is the proven number-one cause of equipment failure. LUBE-IT is the proven way to keep machines running through best practices in lubrication. Sign up for a demo today!


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