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Instant ROI

Lube-It Saves MoneyDo the Math

A small plant with only 1,350 lube points saved $148.00 per lube point the first full year after installing LUBE-IT.

How many lube points do you have? How much can you save?

A Best Practices Approach to Equipment Maintenance

An innovative software solution for the complex problem of lubrication, LUBE-IT lowers operating costs, improves facility uptime and drives up profits by eliminating the cause of 50% of all industrial equipment failures, improper or outdated lubrication practices.

LUBE-IT has the depth of detail needed to maximize the reliability of each machine in the plant. Reliability engineers rely on LUBE-IT as central to their equipment maintenance best practices programs.

Benefits of LUBE-IT

Why Lubrication


When lubrication is done inconsistently or done incorrectly, it negatively impacts machine condition and equipment reliability plant wide. Major studies and independent sources prove this. The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers report more than 50% of all bearings failures are due to lubrication practices that don’t measure up.



The best opportunity to save money and improve equipment uptime in maintenance is with well-executed lubrication reliability practices and management programs – and that means LUBE-IT, the world’s most widely used lubrication management and reliability software.



A lubrication management solution for the challenge of proper and timely lubrication, LUBE-IT lowers costs, improves uptime and increases profits by eliminating the cause of 50% of all industrial equipment failures.

LUBE-IT Demonstration

LUBE-IT Version 5Nearly 60% of reliability engineers who see LUBE-IT software in action deploy it. See for yourself. Discover how the world’s leading lubrication management software solution can help put an end to your lubrication-related equipment problems — for good.

Register to attend a free web demonstration and learn why lubrication-related equipment failure is still so common today — despite decades of technological progress, and why the complexities of industrial lubrication require specialized capabilities — and how you can get them.

LUBE-IT Clients


  • LUBE-IT is essential to a best practices lubrication system. I know LUBE-IT has saved us tens of thousands of dollars
    Danny K. Smith
    PCS Phosphate
  • LUBE-IT is a major part of a world class lubrication system. We haven’t experienced a lubrication related failure in 18 months
    Josh Hodge
    PDM and Training Coordinator
  • Lubrication is your single most important program; not alignment or balancing or PdM.
    Sam Pickens
    Machinery Alignment: Back to Basics
  • Since we’ve been using LUBE-IT, we’re staying on top of lubrication tasks without forgetting any. I estimate we’re getting about 25% more equipment uptime with fewer staff, with ROI in about one year.
    James Wanstreet
    Reliability Engineer, KapStone Paper and Packaging Corp
  • With LUBE-IT, we were able to find out what lubricants were used where. With this information we reduced our stock in two ways: eliminating products not being used any more and consolidating products on lubrication points that could use a different (and more often used) lube.
    Reliability Engineer, Sugar Refining Plant, Minnesota