Data Migration

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Entering your data into LUBE-IT is the first step.  Let us help you!  Send us your data.  We will analyze it and make recommendations for the easiest way to import your data into LUBE-IT.  Whether your data is in your CMMS or on spread sheets we have a solution.

If you would like us manage the import, we are happy to send you a quote.  The data will then be imported into LUBE-IT and tested for errors.

Quick Start Program

The following program will save you thousands of dollars by having a trained expert on site.

We send a LUBE-IT expert out to your plant to get your started:

  • Survey of 100 trains
  • Survey data entered into LUBE-IT
  • Personnel trained on the use of LUBE-IT

Please ask for a quote on this invaluable program.