LUBE-IT 5.6 HotFix 1

Driven by customer input, this hotfix is an important enhancment to LUBE-IT


This Hot Fix is available for systems with a current Annual License.

Not current with your Annual License?


Join the majority of LUBE-IT users receiving the many benefits of maintenance – including upcoming updates and refinement, a full year of support via phone and email, subscriber specific web content, and all future major upgrades. Renew your Annual License, call Customer Service: (425) 391-9046 Selection 1.


  • This hotfix will only install on LUBE-IT systems at version or higher.
    For version 5.1 through 5.5 install the “Feature Upgrade 5.6” first.
    For version install the “Maintenance Release 1” first, then the “Feature Upgrade 5.6”.
    For version 4 and earlier call for upgrade options, call Sales: (425) 391-9046 Selection 2.

LUBE-IT 5.6 Hotfix 1

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